Below is the current Board Policies. Any new or updated policies for the school year 2016-17 will individually be listed for your convenience. All policies are in PDF format, so you will need Acrobat Reader to view them.


A-3 Meetings 7-9-18

A-6 Rules of Order Etc 7-9-18

B 60.1 Collection Procedures 7-9-18

B-32.2 Security and Safety and Form 7-9-18

B42 Bullying by Staff

B-42A Bullying by Parents or Legal Guardians 7-9-18

C 4.4 Fraud Prevention and Investigation 7-9-18

C 4.5 Investment of Funds 7-9-18

C 4.6 Bids and Quotations Requirements 7-9-2018

C-4.7 Quality Control 7-9-18

E-24 Drug-Free Schools (Students) 7-9-18

Policy B23.1A Procurement – Federal Programs 7-9-18

Policy B-43 ES 7-9-18

IPolicy B-46 Special Education Services 7-9-18

Policy C 1.1 Requisitions 7-9-18

Policy C-3 Activity Accounting-Petty Cash 7-9-18

Policy C-4.1 Annual Operating Bude 7-9-18

Policy C-8 Fixed Asset Accounting Inventories 7-9-18

Policy D-7.1 Resignation 7-9-18

Policy E 19 Bullying by a Student 7-9-2018 amendment

Policy E-2.1 Truancy 7-9-18

Policy E-17.1 Interrogation and Investigation 7-9-18

Report to Law Enforcement 7-9-18

Report to Local Law Enforcement (Bullying)7-9-18

Resolution to Establish Activity Fund 7-9-18

Resolution to Establish Petty Cash Fund 7-9-18

BloodBorne Pathogen Control Plan – Incident Report Forms for Board Approval 7-9-18

B13.5 Non-resident Students 1-9-17

B14 Public Records 1-4-17

D14 Personnel Records 1-9-17

D15 Ethics 1-9-17

E2 Enrollment 1-9-17



Table of Contents

PREFACE and Board History etc


Section A


Section B 1-10

Section B 11-20.1

Section B 21-30

Section B 31-40

Section B 41-50

Section B 51-60


Section C


Section D


Section E