Barbara Montgomery, West Elk Preschool Teacher, Wins CEC Awad

(From the Patriot News)

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) recognizes the critical role of standards in defining special education as a profession. CEC has embraced this responsibility and has been a leader among education associations in the development of Ethical Principles, Professional Practice Standards, and Preparation Standards. CEC has and continues to use a research-based collaborative process that ensures that its standards are current, research-based, and fully address the knowledge and skills special educators must master.

Barbara Montgomery, the preschool teacher at West Elk, received an award from CEC for Special Educator of the Year.  Some of the comments she received upon nomination:

  •  Provides a “magical school experience” for all students, all year long.

  •  Values family engagement, includes parents in her preschool, and created and supports a parent blog.

  •  Provides a “Hands on”, fun, and individualized learning environment.

  •  Classroom was featured in a video, sponsored by the Kansas Department of Education, which focused on nutrition.

  •  Students involved in community activities such as promoting wellness and Earth Day.





Bert Moore, USD 282 Superintendent and Special Education Director:

Mr. Moore has said many times “We at West Elk are blessed to a dedicated preschool teacher who cares about each student she is given to work with, even if she has 30-plus students in her program.” He went on to say “Every parent needs to know that his/her child will receive a quality preschool experience designed to prepare the child for kindergarten.”


(Excerpt from

Special education teachers are used to thinking outside of the box because they have to do it every day with their students, according to the president of the Kansas Federation of the Council of Exceptional Children, or Kansas CEC.

“Special educators, they really have to get to know their students,” said Karin Rasmussen, of Colby, during the council’s annual awards ceremony in Topeka on Monday. “There’s so many different personalities and so many different disabilities that they’re dealing with. They really have to such a vast amount of information about all sorts of different things.”

As they are every year, the 2016 winners of the Special Educator of the Year and Classified Staff Member of the Year awards are chosen by their administrators and peers in the special education field “whose work exemplifies the best in special education teaching.”


pk-am      prk-class                pk-pm                   

      Mrs. Montgomery’s AM Class                                                                                                                         Mrs. Montgomery’s PM Class


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